Learn data science in a weekend

Data WeekendsTM stem from two beliefs:

  • in-person learning is more engaging than watching a video
  • a couple of intense days of active learning have a more profound and lasting impact than a sequence of short moments of equal total duration

To pick up a new skill we need to invest time and dedication. We need interaction with masters and mentors, a strong curiosity about the subject and long hours spent perfecting our ability.

But how can we know that we like something if we don't try it out first?

And how can we quickly get past the initial feeling of "being lost"?

How can we learn the vocabulary of the new field at the same time as we learn the new tools and techniques?

Is it possible to jumpstart the learning and get quickly to a state that's more fun and engaging than the ABC?

Data Weekends™ is born to answer these questions!

We crafted a two day learning experience that brings its participants from "oh, I heard Data Science is cool, I should learn about it some day" to "wow, I can do so many things with the new predictive modeling techniques I've just learnt!".

Participants receive a solid scaffold, a strong base on which to build their future knowledge of data science and they also get to taste what data science looks like through hands-on practice and exercises. This eases the beginning of the journey into this vast discipline, while also bringing more fun and enjoyment.

The weekend comprises a fifty-fifty ratio of theory and exercises, it includes group work, pair programming exercises and coding challenges. Participants are guided and assisted by experienced mentors with years of experience in the industry. The content is geared to the software engineer or programmer who is already past the barrier of learning to code and wants to add new predictive modeling tools to its toolkit.

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