Finally! A 1 week full time training that brings you from Zero to Deep Learning® with Keras and Tensorflow. This 1 week course is a full-time introduction to modern Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques using Python and it is designed for Software Engineers and Data Analysts looking for a transition to Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

It's a never-before-seen opportunity to achieve full Zero to Deep Learning® certification in a single week. Built in partnership with San Francisco's Startup Basecamp (where you can actually stay!). You will move through the core Data Weekends curriculum, attend Bay Area meetups, and network with folks in the field. This course is the best way to get today's best knowledge and skills in data science, and is great for anyone who needs to learn in a hurry or who is from outside the area.

From February 25th to March 3rd 2018. We may do more, but, honestly, we may be too tired to ever do one again! :)

5 full days of Knowledge and Skill

You’ll get versed in Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These are the elements that come together to make driverless cars, to recognize faces, to market products, and to drive big decisions from big data.

    You will build:

    • A language detector
    • An image recognition engine
    • A sentiment classifier that can decipher the tone of text
    • A forecasting algorithm that predicts future energy consumption

    Updated to the very latest training curriculum

    This full five day program is specifically crafted to make Deep Learning accessible to a broad range of students and professionals.

    You will learn to use these Python libraries:

    • Pandas (data manipulation)
    • Matplotlib & Seaborn (data visualization)
    • Scikit-Learn (machine learning)
    • Keras (deep learning)
    • Tensorflow (deep learning)

    These are packages and algorithms that are developed, refined and used everyday at companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Paypal, and many more. We know, because we’ve been in those buildings and worked with those teams!

    Curriculum details:

    The workshop introduces you to the concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning and it provide a solid base to build deeper knowledge in the field.

    Introduction to Machine Learning with Python & Scikit Learn

    • Recognize problems that can be solved with Machine Learning
    • Select the right technique (is it a classification problem? a regression? needs preprocessing?)
    • Load and manipulate data with Pandas
    • Visualize and explore data with Matplotlib & Seaborn
    • Build regression, classification and clustering models with Scikit-Learn
    • Evaluate model performance with Scikit-Learn
    • Build, train and serve a predictive model using Python, Flask and Heroku

    Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras

    • Fundamentals of deep learning theory
    • How to approach and solve a problem with deep learning
    • Build and train a deep fully connected model with Keras
    • Build and train a Convolutional Neural Net with Keras on a cloud GPU machine
    • Build and train a Recurrent Neural Net with Keras on a cloud GPU machine
    • Application to Image processing/Text processing

    Advanced Deep Learning with Tensorflow

    • Fundamentals of Tensorflow
    • Build and train a model with Tensorflow and with TFLearn
    • Custom architectures and loss functions
    • Transfer Learning with pre-trained models
    • Setting up a machine for deep learning / serving a model
    Eventbrite - Zero to Deep Learning® 1 Week International Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Stay and Play in the Bay

    Hosted in San Francisco
    Zero to Deep Learning is developed in partnership with Startup Basecamp, the very first hotel for entrepreneurs in San Francisco.  This gives you access to meetups with experts, mentoring for your projects, happy hours a to the co-working space and more! It is your opportunity to train with expert instructor and Data Weekends and Catalit Founder Francesco Mosconi, connect with special guest speakers, network with other data science professionals, get career guidance from the team, all while enjoying the incredible Bay Area food, arts, and culture scene.

    At night you’ll be guided
    to San Francisco networking events to meet professionals in the data science field.

    Are you from out of town? Need to learn fast?
    If so, this is your best opportunity to get everything Data Weekends has to offer in a single retreat.  

    Eventbrite - Zero to Deep Learning® 1 Week International Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Startup Basecamp


    Startup Basecamp is the first startup hotel in San Francisco for Startup Professionals & entrepreneurs. Their co-living & co-working spaces offer a quality short-term solution to easily land in Silicon Valley.  

    Startup Basecamp is much more than a local “living space hacker”  – it is the very first community accommodation provider for ambitious startup professionals looking to live temporarily in the southern San Francisco Bay Area, California.

    Strategically located in central downtown San Francisco, just a stone’s throw away from Moscone Center, Union Square and all major startup ventures in the SOMA district. Frankly, there is no better short-term living solution for entrepreneurs to immerse in a highly motivating startup environment.

    Over the past 3 years, Startup Basecamp hosted and supported more than 500+ international entrepreneurs from 48+ different countries who have come here to pursue their dreams. The global alumni community have raised more than $515 Millions.

    Eventbrite - Zero to Deep Learning® 1 Week International Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the dates of the bootcamp?

    The bootcamp starts on Sunday evening February 25th and ends on Saturday morning March 3rd. Classes run from Monday morning to Mriday evening.

    What is included in the price?

    • Data Weekends Bootcamp curriculum
    • 6 nights at Startup Basecamp in double room
    • Breakfast, Lunches and Snacks
    • Happy hours with Data science experts
    • One copy of the Zero to Deep Learning book
    • Access to coworking room
    • Networking with peers
    • Dinner recommendations
    • Meetup recomendations

    What is NOT included in the price?

    • Flight to San Francisco
    • Travel & Medical Insurance
    • Travel Visa
    • Extra nights before and after the bootcamp
    • Dinners

    Are there any prerequisites?

    Previous experience programming in Python or in other languages is advised to make best use of the workshop. You can read more about how to prepare here.

    Why python?

    In the last few years Python has become a de-facto standard in data science and is widely adopted by most major companies. Reasons for this success include:

    • large set of mature data science libraries => most needs covered
    • worldwide community of enthusiasts => get help when you need it
    • easy to learn, read and write => start contributing immediately
    • supports both functional and object oriented coding => versatile and powerful
    • full stack programming language => easier interaction between data scientists and software engineers

    Why Keras?

    Keras is a high-level neural networks api and library that allows to simply build and train deep learning models using Tensorflow or Theano as backend. Written in Python it focuses on enabling fast experimentation. It recently became the preferred high level api for Tensorflow and it thus provides a great entry point to approach Tensorflow. Keras highlights:

    • Allows for easy and fast prototyping
    • Supports Fully connected, Convolutional and Recurrent
    • Supports arbitrary connectivity schemes
    • Runs seamlessly on CPU and GPU
    • Integrates very well with Tensorflow and Tensorboard

    Why Tensorflow?

    There are many open source Deep Learning libraries. Tensorflow is backed by Google and is quickly becoming one of the most used libraries in the fields. It has a large and growing community of users and it is versatile and easy to learn. Highlights include

    • largest community of developers
    • state of the art models and nodes
    • high scalability, can be distributed on many GPUs
    • production performance and deployment tools
    • very versatile and powerful for distributed high performance computing beyond neural networks

    Who is the Instructor?

    The course is lead by Francesco Mosconi. Ph.D. in Physics and Data Scientist at Catalit LLC, he was formerly co-founder and Chief Data Officer at Spire, a YC-backed company that invented the first consumer wearable device capable of continuously tracking respiration and physical activity. Machine Learning and python expert he also served as Data Science lead instructor at General Assembly and The Data incubator.